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Oz Logs

Zen landscaping is your local agent for OZ Logs.
Ozlogs™ - The natural look of timber with the durability of concrete. Ozlogs™ are the ideal solution for your landscaping and retaining wall needs. Ozlogs™ are stylish and created to enhance the structure and beauty of your outdoor space.

Ozlogs™ are made from concrete but look like timber railway sleepers! With Ozlogs™ you can maintain the rustic, natural look of your garden without the deterioration or white ant problems of traditional wooden sleepers.

Australian-made Ozlogs™ sleepers and posts are made from a quality blend of sands, gravels and cement, reinforced with steel. This means they are strong and long-lasting, so you don't have to worry about rotting wood, white ants or moisture damage.

All Ozlogs™ sleepers and posts are designed to minimise weight while retaining strength. They are easy to install and don't need any bolting or fastening.

They can be used around the garden for termite free retaining walls, raised gardens beds, paving, steps, edging and are particularly useful for water usage areas like pool surrounds.