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Decking: There is no better place to unwind and enjoy life than out on a
Zen Landscaping deck! Installing a deck not only enhances your homes appearance, but adds considerable value and extends your living space.
Zen Landscaping uses many different products to achieve your desired
finish and believe that the exquisite natural tones of timber blend perfectly with most home styles and building materials. Our builders will work with
our customers to design and create your perfect deck to give your home
that vital outdoor connection. We use the highest quality timber and we are
proud to be recognised for our attention to detail and personalised customer service.

Retaining Walls & Rock Retaining Walls: Retaining walls are designed to compliment your garden and to provide structural strength plus drainage solution to the sloping landscape. A retaining wall is a carefully engineered system that faces an ongoing battle with gravity, although it may simply look like a timber, stone or block wall which is a perfect spot to sit when relaxing in your garden. Retaining walls restrain tons of wet soil from sliding away from a foundation, causing erosion and damage to your property.
Zen Landscaping are highly experienced in the construction of retaining walls and will advise you on product options dependant on the position, various soil loads or pressures that the desired wall will need to undertake.
Zen Landscaping may need to involve an structural engineer in the design process in some landscaping situations to ensure the safety, quality and durability of your investment.
Products available:
Timber, Concrete, Stone, Brick Block, Reinforced Concrete, OzLogs™
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Zen Landscaping is a agent for Oz Logs.